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Bali Women’s Workshop and Photo Sessions

** Experience and Transformation in Bali **
March 12-22, 2024

Join us on a unique journey towards „abundance”. We work with women daily and understand how often we deny ourselves luxuries. We limit our natural flow due to deep-rooted thoughts like „I don’t deserve it,” „it’s inappropriate,” „what if someone suffers while I have fun,” „what will others say,” „I can’t afford it,” „I might be punished for being too bold,” „better not to stand out,” or „better to stay in my comfort zone.” But a crucial part of you yearns to experience growth, crave new sensations, and dares to taste true abundance, lightness and flow.

We’ve been there too, in those limitations and self-denials. But that spark prevailed, and we embarked on a journey. A journey that is ongoing, primarily towards ourselves, discovering our essence, the flame that ignites, sensitizes, warms every cell, and allows us to see life differently, more intensely. It’s the feeling that with each breath, you feel alive, this breath fills you, nourishes, heals, excites, ignites, and opens new realms of understanding.

That’s what Bali gives. Bali envelops, nurtures, heals. Its wonderful energy mesmerizes with beauty, wisdom, simplicity, nature, and rituals, with each breath opening new realms of understanding. We know because we’ve experienced it and now want to take you there. It will be an extraordinary journey. You’ll be able to fully embrace the experience of abundance.

We’ve chosen a beautiful location for our intimate group of women. You’ll be cared for at every stage, participating in both an extraordinary group process and receiving individual support. We invite you to journey towards abundance in Bali.

Hosted by: Magdalena Wiatrowska and Aga Pokrywka

**Magdalena** – Helps integrate challenging life experiences, find happiness in everyday life, and build empathetic, supportive relationships with the world, family, and primarily with oneself. Working with people worldwide, despite cultural differences observed in Poles, Americans, Asians, and Britons, she sees how we are all united. Everyone wants acceptance, a firm sense of self-worth and happiness. However we adopt different strategies to achieve these goals, often subconsciously sabotaging ourselves. Magda helps bring these mechanisms to light and to transform them, enabling true empowerment and utilization of your unique talents. She teaches how to draw valuable lessons from life experiences. Magda works both in individual and group sessions. As the first Conscious Parenting Coach in Poland, certified by Dr. Shefali Tsabary at the Conscious Coaching Institute in New York, she introduces this method in Poland and leads the Institute of Conscious Parenting. 

**Aga** – Traveler, photographer, blogger, mother of two. An advocate of solo travel and living life to the fullest at any age. A lover and creator of so-called intuitive photography, she specializes in outdoor photography, extracting maximum personality, beauty, and emotion from her subjects.

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✨ Are you ready for a fascinating journey into yourself under the magical Bali canopy?✨

Aga and Magda’s trip is more than just a tour…

Born from deep gratitude for Bali, which Aga wants to share with you and advanced, transformative workshops led by Magda, this journey isn’t your typical holiday. It’s a path to deep, personal change, amazing memories and beautiful souvenir photos.

What to Expect on the Trip:

🌅 Workshops with Magda: Break your barriers and gain a new perspective through intense and inspiring workshops.

📸 Photo sessions with Aga: Stand in front of the lens and rediscover yourself in professional photo sessions.

🌿 Secrets of Ubud: Dance with monkeys in Monkey Forest and lose yourself in the local market’s labyrinths.

🌺 Mystical Cleansing Ritual: Engage in powerful rites that rejuvenate your life energy.

🍲 The Culinary Faces of Bali: Immerse in the art of Balinese cooking and discover exotic flavors.

🌅 Harmony and Yoga: Stretch your body and soul with morning yoga practices against the backdrop of a picturesque sunrise.

🎶 Rhythms of the Night in Ubud: Indulge your senses with live sounds and local melodies, ending your journey in the rhythm of the Balinese night.

🌿 Plenty of coconut water – the best electrolyte, the water of youth.

🌺 Fruits, delicious food, bird songs, and stunning nature.

Embark on an extraordinary journey to Bali, where magic and abundance awaits to transform your life. This retreat is not just a getaway, it’s a trip to discovering your inner strength with the flow of life. Bali, with its enchanting aura, opens up new perspectives and turns every breath into a vibrant life experience. This is your chance to be part of a transformative adventure and share in the island’s captivating magic.

We’ve crafted a serene sanctuary for you, offering an inspiring combination of group workshops as well as personalized photography sessions. These experiences are tailored to foster self-discovery and capture your journey’s essence.

What to expect:

    • Transformative workshops with Magda, blending holistic therapies and self-discovery.

    • Personalized photo sessions with Aga, capturing your journey in stunning frames.

    • Joyful interactions with nature and explorations of colorful local markets.

    • A mystical Cleansing Ritual, offering spiritual renewal and clarity.

    • A gastronomic adventure through the exotic flavors of Balinese cuisine.

Join us for a remarkable journey of self-exploration, set against the backdrop of Bali’s mystical charm. 

Dear Travelers!
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This trip is intimate in nature. Spaces are limited as we are organizing a trip for a little group of adventurous women. Therefore the timing of your decision is crucial, the

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Rediscover yourself and dive into the cultural depths of Bali.

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    • Last minute price – $2,390 USD + tickets

Price Includes:

    • Internal transport, airport transfers, and tours

    • 10 nights with breakfast in a luxury hotel with a pool and spa area

    • Tours with a local guide and entrance fees, including waterfalls, rice terraces, monkey forest, temples

    • Daily activities: massage, cooking class, yoga sessions, body cleansing ceremony, Balinese dance lesson

    • Participation in group workshops, intention work, transforming beliefs about abundance and celebrating life

    • Unique intuitive photography session

Price Excludes: airfare, insurance, visa ($35 USD).

We can assist in organizing insurance and purchasing airline tickets.
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